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Cool Returns

Get a $100 bill credit by participating in this energy saving program.

How does the program work?

Once you sign up for Cool Returns, a South Central Power contractor installs (at no cost to you) a radio-controlled switch on your central air conditioner, air-source heat pump or ground-source heat pump. The switch is activated on hot days when demand for electricity is high during June, July, August and September. Once activated, the switch cycles the unit’s compressor for brief periods of time. The switch does not control your thermostat and cool air continues to circulate in your home.

Monthly savings incentives

Participating homeowners receive a one time $100 bill credit once the switch is installed. After 12 months, participants receive a $5 bill credit during the months of June, July, August and September. A two-year agreement is required.

Am I eligible to participate?

South Central members who own a home with a central air conditioner, air-source heat pump or ground-source heat pump are eligible to enroll in Cool Returns. Homeowners with window air conditioners are not eligible. Participation is not advised if someone in the home has a medical condition requiring air conditioning.


Cool Returns Enrollment

Cool Returns enrollment is May – September.  Please check back during the enrollment period for more information or to enroll.

Note: When enrolling, you will be required to provide information about the unit.  See pictures below for assistance in identifying the information.

Air conditioner spec plate

This is the spec plate. On the spec plate you will find a variety of information, including the model number and brand name.

Air conditioner unit disconnect

This is an example of the unit’s outside disconnect box.